August ​30 - September 5 

For a Powerful Spiritual Transformation
Sedona is truly a place of pilgrimage and spiritual growth. Everyone who comes to this magical place has been called by the Spirit of Sedona–and when you come, it’s time for change, healing, transformation, release, clarity and a shift in your life.

All activities planned during your 6 Day Smoking Cessation Spiritual Retreat (in addition to one week of preparation) are Specifically Designed to counteract any cravings quickly and easily, making your goal for a Smoke-free life easy and finally ... Attainable!

Take the misery out of "Quitting" while you pamper yourself in peace and serenity, exploring the beauty of the red rocks and feeling the magic of the vortexes ​while getting fit and toned by daily scheduled adventures and with the Spa amenities at your leisure .. all with the benefit of helping you accomplish your goal for Freedom ​from your nicotine addiction.

​​​​Sedona Smoking Cessation Spiritual Retreat  

7Day/6Night Quit Smoking Spiritual Retreat
​                         A Journey into the Heart of Sedona ~​


Monthly Programs 

Why a Quit Smoking Retreat?

Symptoms during the first few days of recovery can be uncomfortable as those of us who have tried unsuccessfully to quit at home can testify.

Our Motto is, "Move a Muscle, Change a Thought!" Clients report utilizing techniques - education, adventures, keeping busy make their withdrawals from Nicotine far less severe with shorter craving periods.

Early recovery tends to be an emotional roller-coaster.
 Teaching relaxation and self-soothing help people deal more effectively with stress - especially the first few days of abstinence. We will provide a foundation and Toolbox of tips and tricks when these cravings appear giving you confidence for success.

You will get back on a path towards healthier lifestyle, increasing your likelihood of permanent success in Nicotine Recovery with Exercise, Yoga, Meditation sessions as well as incorporating fun adventures and laughter as a group working towards the same goals, definitely makes everything so much more tolerable.  

Success in addiction recovery is an ongoing process. This means the patient is never “cured” but has begun to build a foundation for recovery during their stay. Our goal is to help you attain your goals towards freedom from addiction with maintenance and abstinence from Nicotine. We utilize other measurable resort modalities of treatment such as, Reiki and Energy Balance, exercise to develop overall Optimal Mental / Physical Well-being and Self Care taught by Healthcare Professionals, Certified Addiction Counselor and Licensed Massage Therapist. 

We treat the whole individual with lifetime goal achievement in mind from the minute you contact us during your Intake Consultation because all too often, aftercare is treated as more of an afterthought. At Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreats, we set you up for success with our pre-counseling planning during our Unique Phase One Prep Stage.

Aftercare is a vital part of our comprehensive clinical program. We work with each client to develop a unique aftercare plan, tailored specifically for their needs which helps them to stay grounded in maintaining a lifestyle of abstinence on all levels for psychological, emotional and Spiritual Well-being. 

​                                                  "A GOAL IS  DREAM WITH A DEADLINE!".