Smoking Cessation Wellness Staff

​Yvonne Testa, Founder, Clinical Program Director
ICRC - Certified with International Consortium of Professional Addiction Counselors International Reciprocity, Certified Addiction Disorders Clinician, Registered Addictions Counselor and a former CASAC - NYS Certified Addiction Counselor
Clinical Hypnotherapist / NLP Practitioner
and Certified Reiki Master Level Practitioner.

Colleen James, Intake Coordinator 

Paula Lockwood, LMT, Certified Shamanic Reiki Master. Licensed Massage Therapist with focus on Cranio-Sacral and Polarity Therapy as well as a strong background in several different forms of energy-based complimentary practices with a long-term history of working in the substance abuse/addiction field.

Contact Information:
Monday-Saturday 10am - 7pm EST

SMOKING CESSATION WELLNESS RETREAT STAFF are available to assist  with any specific details or questions you may have about our Sedona Smoking Cessation Spiritual Retreat, information about our program, lodging accommodations or help with travel information for a smooth transition is always available..

Monthly Programs

Please note:

We encourage you to use our Contact Form in order to accurately determine your telephone number and email address. Contact forms do receive priority. ​
​​However, if you wish to speak with a live person directly, please call the following.

FLORIDA HOME Office:   727-230-2028

Our office line is open 24/7  Thank You! ​


Once a deposit (or payment is made), our Intake Coordinator will then schedule your Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment and Evaluation with our Counseling Staff. This will be your first individual one:one counseling session in order to tailor your custom tailored quit plan according to your life-style with aftercare planning. Our Medical Director will be consulted should you have any specific medical needs or concerns.

After completing all Individual Assessments, we will begin by sending our Phase One prep Educational materials that we will cover during our program for psychological and emotional preparedness in giving up nicotine and will continue with on-going counseling sessions, as needed.

Each Program will only have a maximum of 6  Smoker Participants in order for you to gain camaraderie, confidence, competency and success! 
​                          "We all help to support that,... which we help to Create"

​                             WITH A DEADLINE"!

​​​​Sedona Smoking Cessation Spiritual Retreat  

​​Directions to Los Abrigados Resort and Spa, Sedona, Arizona
Approx 2 hours from Phoenix Skyharbor International (TPA) airport. 
Arizona Shuttle services Phoenix Sky Harbor has 
13 trips a day. Cost is $50 one way,  calling ahead to arrange drop off at directly the Resort.
NOTE: We may be able to provide transportation to and from airport indepenently for $50. round trip fee by appointment only.

​Renting a Vehicle is not necessary for the week as we provide transportation to sites and shopping excursions.  However, if you wish to venture out and visit beautiful Sedona and surrounding areas towards week's end, we certainly recommend it!

​​We work to help you to maintain abstinence from ALL NICOTINE  PRODUCTS:   Cigarettes, Vaping / E-cigs, Cigars, Gum, Mints, Cigars
Treatment is offered with professional Certified Counselors to include:    *  ​Weight Loss during Quit    *   Nutrition Counseling   *  Stress Reduction   *  Hypnotherapy Session